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CloudVisit Private Practice

This full-featured telemedicine subscription includes everything you need to manage a successful online practice. Unlimited online sessions and a custom-branded portal make this the perfect telemedicine solution for any size practice.

$200 For two Providers

first 3 months due at signing

Subscription Pricing

You and your patients will love the convenience of telemedicine sessions. Manage appointments and session fees through your private dashboard, while patients visit your telemedicine website to request appointments and meet with you face-to-face.

  • 1-year contract
  • Unlimited telemedicine
  • Custom-branded portal
  • Free administrator account
  • 1 hour of online training
annually for two Providers
that works out to just
$100 / month
per provider

Scalable Options

Add providers or administrators to your CloudVisit Telemedicine website at any time.

  • Have more than 10 providers?
Please contact us
for a custom quote