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Telemedicine Brief: Patients In The World Wide Waiting Room

With ease and affordability, one telemedicine service floats above the rest: CloudVisit™
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COLD SPRING, N.Y., Dec. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Telemedicine is replacing the waiting rooms of psychiatrists and psychologists. Patient demand for telepsychiatry appointments is unprecedented. There they sit, credit cards in hand, waiting for a new kind of session; the kind that actually requires no wait at all. CloudVisit™ is the new telemedicine service that brings doctors and patients together under HIPAA-compliant security measures, regardless of location. Developed by medical website design company, Aurora Information Technology, CloudVisit™ removes barriers to quality medical care, while maintaining the infrastructure that a high quality psychiatry practice demands.

Telemedicine made headlines for bringing together patients in rural, remote geographies with medical experts in big cities and prestigious healthcare institutions. But now doctors are beginning to see how the benefits of online patient sessions can be realized right in their own backyards. Yes, telemedicine attracts new patients and eliminates geographic constraints. But it also improves the way doctors treat existing patients and, by doing so, improves the long-term viability of their practices.

Choosing a Telemedicine Provider – The CloudVisit™ Comparison

Let's start with the basics. You've spent years consulting with patients over the phone outside of appointment times and, frankly, outside of billable time. Your availability is part of your oath. But the healthcare landscape is changing and patients are primed and ready to invest in quality medical care. More importantly, they are drawn to the providers that make wellness easy and accessible.

Telemedicine is calling. But who do you choose? Social Video Chat with Skype or FaceTime

Can you meet with patients using Skype? Certainly. Can you do so with built-in appointment scheduling, automatic credit card billing, secure session recording and treatment notes, and brand management? No, not even close.

Unlike, Skype or FaceTime, CloudVisit™ is not a social media platform. CloudVisit™ is a complete online medical practice. Because it was built with doctors and patients in mind, it is a professional extension of your existing practice. Your custom-branded CloudVisit™ site let's patients schedule and pay for each appointment, then safely connect with you for online care. You can record each session and enter treatment notes with the assurance of HIPAA-compliant security measures.

Network Subscriptions such as ZocDoc

When doctors join online networks such as ZocDoc their medical expertise becomes nothing more than a name on a list. Sure, patients can find a psychiatrist in Cincinnati, but what ought to be a well-researched and carefully nurtured medical relationship is watered down to a quick online search.

CloudVisit™ lets you attract new patients without sacrificing who you are. By seamlessly integrating into your website and your brand, CloudVisit™ helps your medical reputation remain intact. In fact, the quality care you provide to patients is actually strengthened as you become the owner and innovator of the utmost in patient care.

Proprietary Telehealth Hardware

Big names like Cisco HealthPresence and PolyCom RealPresence offer telemedicine solutions that center on telehealth patient monitoring. In emergency rooms and health clinics around the world, patient can hook up to heart monitors and other devices for remote physician oversight. These resources are helping a great number of patients, but what they lack is scalable, practical solutions for private practices and everyday patient home use.

CloudVisit™ requires no proprietary hardware or expensive software development. With just the webcam and broadband Internet access that patients and doctors already have, connection is easy. Physicians aren't contracted to a specific company and they are free to treat the patients they choose, when they choose. Getting Started With CloudVisit™

The Internet improves the way we interact and work. Telemedicine is here to stay and physicians have a great deal to gain by embracing it. CloudVisit™ delivers the convenience and affordability needed to improve patient access to care, while preserving your professional integrity and expanding the equity of your practice.

CloudVisit™ Psychiatry is currently available for psychiatrists and psychologists to conduct easy, safe appointments online and will soon offer the same connectivity across a broad platform of healthcare specialties.

http://psychiatry.cloudvisittm.com/ -- 888-503-3009

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