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CloudVisit's telemedicine security helps doctors open their practices to online patients, not risk

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COLD SPRING, N.Y., Feb. 1, 2013 - As physicians explore ways to expand their practices, improve efficiencies, and better serve patients every idea must pass the rigorous scrutiny of HIPAA requirements for patient data and security. telemedicine is no exception. The convenience and accessibility of the Internet demands that physicians make informed choices about communicating with patients online. Tremendous practice growth can be realized through telemedicine technology, but not all platforms offer adequate protection of patient information.

CloudVisit™ is a web-based telemedicine platform that stands out from the crowd in this regard. CloudVisit's telemedicine security prioritizes the safety and security of patient information every step of the way. "We designed each aspect of CloudVisit—from functionality to security—with the physician and the patient in mind," said CloudVisit president and chief executive officer Daniel Gilbert . "With CloudVisit, doctors can safely integrate online patient care such as telepsychiatry into their practice, without sacrificing the privacy of a closed-door patient encounter." The obligation to patient privacy rang clear last month as a $50,000 HIPAA breach fine was placed on Hospice of North Idaho by the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights. With the simple act of laptop theft, more than 400 unencrypted patient records became available to the wrong party. "This isn't a case against portable medicine or the use of laptops for more convenient patient care," believes Gilbert, "but it is a powerful reminder of the importance of safely communicating with patients and of choosing providers that properly safeguard patient information."

CloudVisit™ ensures fully-encrypted telemedicine
Telemedicine benefits patients and physicians and the concept of video appointments sounds simple. But before taking the leap into telemedicine doctors ought to consider what they're getting themselves into. Online patient communication should never be handled like a cavalier phone call or quick Skype chat.

"With the right telemedicine partner, a doctor can successfully and safely expand their practice and extend patient care," adds Gilbert, who offers these points of distinction for CloudVisit Psychiatry.

  • CloudVisit's database is fully-encrypted to protect all patient data and billing information
  • All audio, video, patient notes, and documents are sent through CloudVisit's encrypted connection
  • Telemedicine patient data is stored on CloudVisit's secure, encrypted servers, eliminating the risk of lost or stolen information
  • Multiple CloudVisit servers with unique security restrictions are assigned to specific tasks such as web hosting, video chat, and information storage – ensuring that data is well protected
These enhanced security measures protect every aspect of CloudVisit's comprehensive platform that lets doctors schedule, conduct, record, and invoice online patient appointments with ease. "Telemedicine is about making things easier and more productive," says Gilbert. "The nuances of online security measures are complex, but therein lies the importance of selecting the right telemedicine solution. On the front end we improve the doctor-patient experience. On the back end we work overtime to protect every piece of information in CloudVisit. We take patient privacy and practice security very seriously, and we do it all without adding unnecessary complexity to your online sessions."

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