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CloudVisit introduces easy, affordable telemedicine for private practice physicians

The House Call Takes To The Cloud
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COLD SPRING, N.Y., Jan. 22, 2013 - Remember the good old days when patients could receive quality medical care in the comfort and privacy of their homes? Few people do. But as the wonder of the Internet brings home our every need and want, doctors are not far behind. telemedicine delivers what is perhaps the last of the Internet hold-outs: online healthcare. Face-to-face video appointments between doctors and patients save time, increase productivity, and even help quell the spread of germs.

Today, CloudVisit™ is bringing the house call back with the first private practice telemedicine solution for secure video appointments with patients. As a web-based telemedicine platform, CloudVisit lets doctors schedule, conduct, record, and invoice video appointments from one HIPAA-protected place. Now doctors can safely treat patients online for routine consultations, follow-ups, prescriptions refills, telepsychiatry, and more.

"CloudVisit was designed to help doctors take their practice to the next level and its applications are endless. Attracting new patients, offering more convenient scheduling, and providing more continuous care are just the beginning," said Daniel Gilbert , president and chief executive officer of CloudVisit. "And CloudVisit is the only telemedicine solution to leverage the convenience of the Internet without sacrificing the HIPAA's patient privacy requirements." Easy, affordable telemedicine success
With just a computer or laptop webcam and broadband Internet access, doctors can be on their way to successful telemedicine . CloudVisit's easy set-up and user-friendly tools include an online appointment calendar, physician-controlled session pricing, automatic patient invoicing, and host of session recording and treatment note features. "CloudVisit was thoroughly vetted with doctors and patients to ensure the most practical functionality and seamless connectivity," assured Gilbert.

Safe, secure video chat with patients
CloudVisit combines online video chat with unprecedented HIPAA-compliant security measures. "With CloudVisit, doctors can focus on patient care without worrying about jeopardizing the security of patient data or privacy," explained Gilbert. Fully encrypted data, encrypted connections, and multiple servers with unique security restrictions are all part of how CloudVisit merges the complexity of online security with HIPAA demands.

CloudVisit™ Psychiatry for telepsychiatry
Currently, CloudVisit is working with psychiatrists and psychologists to create websites tailored to their unique telepsychiatry needs. Their free websites and affordable monthly plans are designed to help practices of all sizes successfully integrate telemedicine . CloudVisit allows doctors to conduct unlimited online appointments and can be easily scaled to accommodate multi-provider practices.

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