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Client Testimonials:

I have several patients who I see on a weekly basis, but have only met in person once or twice. When it comes to the treatment of my in-office patients versus my telemedicine patients there is no difference in the quality of care or the progress in treatment. Actually, I would say some of my telemedicine-only patients seem more at-ease than those who come into the office – probably because they’re still in their own bedrooms. It’s interesting to witness. - Dr. Eder, Psychiatry

CloudVisit Telemedicine Plans

  • CloudVisit Connect

    Contract-free, unlimited
    telemedicine through
    the CloudVisit portal


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  • CloudVisit Private Practice

    Unlimited telemedicine with
    off-site patients through your
    secure, branded portal


    per month for the first 6 months

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  • CloudVisit Institution

    Unlimited telemedicine for
    clinician-assisted patient care
    via your secure, branded portal


    per month for two providers

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With unlimited telemedicine in every plan, the sky's the limit.


What is Telepsychiatry

Telepsychiatry connects psychiatrists and other mental health providers with their patients via online video sessions. With telepsychiatry, there is no need for either patient or physician to travel to an office. With CloudVisit's telepsychiatry platform, HIPAA-compliant video sessions can be done from anywhere – all you need is a broadband internet connection, computer or laptop, and a webcam. This convenience expands your availability and outreach, making it easier to give your patients the most attentive care when and where they need it. Routine counseling and behavioral therapy are enhanced when patients can participate from the comfort of home.

Telepsychiatry makes mental healthcare adaptable for both patients and physicians. With telepsychiatry, mental health professionals can conduct face-to-face video sessions with patients who are homebound or disabled, incarcerated, living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, receiving inpatient care and living in an institution such as a substance abuse rehabilitation center.

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CloudVisit Telemedicine Offers Medical Marketing Services Along With Its Telemedicine Platform

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CloudVisit Telemedicine wll be an exhibitor at Health Tech 2015, WCA's annual halthcare technology and healthcare innovation conference on May 19, 2015.

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CloudVisit blog, "Talk Telemedicine," at, will feature new posts every Wednesday at 11 AM ET.

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More Than Half of US States Now Have Telemedicine Parity Laws, With Additional Bills Pending

Indiana, Minnesota and Nevada enact telemedicine parity laws, bringing the national total to 27 states and D.C.; additional bills pend with the possibility to make a nationwide impact.

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